WWE Chris Benoit's brain was damaged by concussions is the latest headline!

United States
September 5, 2007 4:59pm CST
The latest is that Chris Benoit father says he suffered from concussions cause he son told him so but there are no medical records of it. Although they did find the same degenerative processes that doctors for the institute found in 3 football players who committed suicide. There was also abnormal protein deposits caused by trauma. I think it's a crock - he may have suffered multiple concussions caused by trauma to the brain but that still is no reason to kill his family. I understand his father trying to protect his name, afterall it was his son but I just don't think it's the WWE's fault. His father still hasn't formerly sued the WWE but looks like he is blaming them. That's what kills me - when Benoit was champ and bringing in the money - nobody thought it was the WWE's fault. Same thing with O.J. - he beat Nicole and her family did nothing because they were living the good life off of him.
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@rhane7315 (5673)
• Philippines
8 May 08
i don't think that wwe has got to do with that
• Malaysia
6 May 08
I don't think his father can sue WWE.Benoit signed contract to join WWE.And on of the terms will be WWE will be not responsible of any accident or deaths during wrestling.
6 May 08