isn't a great hidden secret ?

United States
September 5, 2007 8:54pm CST
i just found this new site that had me shocked ,I just moved to a new apartment and i was looking for two plasma tv's for my new place. I didnt want anything small and i was strapped for cash , I didn't no what to do but then my mother in law who spends her life on the internet told me to try .I went and this site surprised me honestly they didn't have the tv's in the catelouge but then i checked this part of their site called The backdoor where you get a personal shopper who can help you they checked the warehouse for what I was looking for and they found me two 27" plasmas dvd combo for $800 dollars and yesterday i turned around and bought leather 6pc luggage for $80.00 :) has anybody else had my luck with this site ?
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