What is your favorite time of year?

United States
September 5, 2007 11:21pm CST
For me I would have to say that winter is my favorite time of year mostly because there are so many holidays and I get to spend more time with family that I don't normally get to see. Plus, Spring and Autumn don't seem to last long enough and summer is just to hot. Okay, think of it like this. If we didn't have any electricity and it was 105 degrees out, besides hanging out all day naked or spending the entire day in water you are hot no matter what! Openning windows and doors only helps so much. But in winter at least you can build a fire. I think we could live longer in extended cold weather then hot! Anyway what is your favorite season and why?
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@sephrenia (567)
6 Sep 07
I absolutely adore Autumn! it's my favourite season of them all. I love the way the leaves change colour on the trees, i love collecting conkers with my daughter so that she can play games with them, I love it because it means Halloween is almost here and I love Halloween lol. I also love autumn because it means the kids are going back to school ofter the summer holidays and university is starting back up so I can start stretching my mind again which i love doing. It is also the season that holds my daughters birthday, my hubbys birthday and my wedding anniversary (7 years this year!) And finally, the reason I love autumn the most....is because it leads to winter and Christmas!!
• United States
7 Sep 07
Well I can totally see why you are so in love with Autumn! You have a lot of good things in your life during that time oh and congrats on 7 years! I hope you have many more!
@wonderful1 (2076)
• China
6 Sep 07
i like summer, because i like colored clothes, and i like mini-shorts very much. it is hot in my city, but this summer it is strange. there are lots of rain in this year, and the temperature is not too high. i can see beautiful flowers and plants and i can go to beach to have a picnic with my boyfriend in weekends.
@xiuluoelly (1225)
• China
6 Sep 07
I love winter, especially snow in winter, I always think that the snow is God to mankind the most beautiful gift, but now rarely see snow, perhaps because of climate warming causes.