how is a student life in ur country?

September 6, 2007 10:00am CST
i know it is a hard time being a student i just want u to share about education in ur country and how u handle ur problems as a student just tell me cause i want to know more
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@Dulotie (32)
• Malaysia
7 Sep 07
The education level in Malaysia is rather worst. The standard could not follow up towards the international standard of education. The education in Malaysia have been always changing yet it becomes worst and worst. Improvement aren't to be seen. Yet, studying in Malaysia have to be a fun thing to do XD
• Malaysia
8 Sep 07
i totally agree with you.even though every year lots of $$ is spend for education in our country,i can't see any improvement among the students.
• India
7 Sep 07
in india it is quiete difficult for a student to sustain his life without financial support of their parents and the laws here are also useless like reservations for other minority communities that make the situation even worse
@ahmadpk48 (228)
• Pakistan
7 Sep 07
In Pakistan at graduate level ...if u choose private uni ...than u have money and u cant do job with it ....if u r not brilliant minded person
• Malaysia
7 Sep 07
It's hard to be a student, but student life is interesting. Basically, life as a student in my country is to learn something - but mostly, the learning process focus too much on theories. However, my university focus more on practical things rather than theories. This is the main advantage of technical-based education system. So, my student life become very interesting. Permission for student are given to use any quipments available when doing the project. Student was designed to study and learn a lot of things - not limited to academic things alone. This is the time to do a lot of things (multiple task) and learn to live this life. When your student life is over, you're going to miss it so much.
@dianagnes (1088)
• Singapore
7 Sep 07
Im a Singaporean Student.Im lucky that my country have standards in the education system.We have the up to date technology in our learning environment.Students here must be thankful that we have all these. As a Student here,i am able to cope with the depends on the person itself.There are some hard moments that we have to go through as a student.Sometime,i do felt stress up with life because things have been piling day by day.I've learn that not to let things flow just like that and must quickly do the things that i should.Here,primary and secondary have like 6-7 hours per day.While the college and other institutions may took more than that but not more than 12 hours. Make up and extra lesson are also needed.Some high income family may send their children to have tuition outside school hours.Education here is so important to have a better life ahead!
• United States
6 Sep 07
It's hard, very hard especially for me. I study in High School and it is a maths high school you know we study maths and informatics harder. It's one the best school in my country and it is very hard to study here. In the school time I mean through the weeks I almost don't get out of my home because I have to work and plus that I'm very tired. The only way to hear from my friends is by the Internet. And if I have secondary problems I mean with girls, family or friends I just collapse. It's really very hard time for me. That's why I love the summer :)