help me find mistakes in this article

September 6, 2007 10:20am CST
this is a maile i write to our president dear president: i'm a student of xiangtan university.i've some suggestions anout how to improve the quality of the university. at first,i want to list some facts:1,the huamei poor is so dirty that almost everyone have no willing to go there.2.the books of the liberary are not being putted regularly, and this will take one much time to find a book he needs.3.the food in university is very expensive and even taste badly. my suggestions are as follows:1,cleaning the poor,making it a change of heart.2.cakking on some students to pit the liberary books again in a new line.3.change the cook,and makes the food price clear to everyone. if the disadvantage could be avoided absolutely,i think our campus will be acclaimed by all the students.
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