Mommy Lydia

September 6, 2007 10:27am CST
It's mommy's birthday on the 17th of September. How I wish that she is still around to celebrate her birthdsy with us. I miss her so much, it is sad the she prefer to retire early in life. Her share of life's sacrifices cannot be belittled. If you were in her shoes, you would easily give up. But mom's so full of patience and emotionally strong coz if not her children would have lived in vain. She manage to accept lifes trials, hers was the story we will always remember. Her consolation was that all her children become professionals, name it she have a doctor, a lawyer, an engineer, an accountant and an IT consultant. I will never forget mommy coz her dedication made all of us strong. It's 4 years now since she passed away, I'm sure the good Lord embrace her back in heaven and she is very happy in the eternal life. To Mom happy happy birthday and hope to see you again someday in the next life. Your grandson Jin is growing strong, healthy and intelligent boy. May your love guide him as he face his own life ahead. Thank you so much for everything you have sacrificed and done for us. We love you.
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• Philippines
13 Sep 07
Mama was a great mother. Her time on earth had been over for four years now, but all her memories will live forever in our hearts. But, we all believe that she is happy and at peace with our Creator. Mabuhay ka Mama. Happy happy birthday this coming September 17.
@CeJones1 (17)
• United States
8 Sep 07
What a beautiful testimony to your Mom's life. I enjoyed reading it because I lost my Mom this past January and even though she lived to see the ripe age of 80 the pain was still there. However, she was a christian and I believe heaven smiled upon her arrival. You will continue to miss your Mom because she seemed to have had such a powerful impact upon all of you, but I know I do not have to tell you that each year the pain seems to lessen. Keep her forever in your hearts and dwell on the good things. Be blessed.