Do you think that there will be a Rush Hour 4

September 6, 2007 6:42pm CST
Do you think there will be a Rush Hour 4, I think there will be. I just hope its good, you know what happens with sequels it just starts sucking after awhile. What do you think.
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• United States
15 Jan 10
I didn't think the 3rd one was as good as the 2nd(my favorite). But I thought it was just as good as the 1st one. I love seeing these two actors as a team and I love the films. It's so funny and so exciting. Maybe the best action/comedy I've ever seen. I'd definitely be excited to see a 4th one.
@swtlady (51)
• Malta
19 Aug 08
I really hope so!!! This duo is the best combination the director could ever make.Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker!!!Best two actors that no one will ever replace their role in the Rush Hour Movies.Always their for each other, even though their huge differences- a Chinese guy and a dark-skinned guy.These two are a perfect example of true friendship even though Tucker always get them into huge trouble which Jackie always tries to solve with his Kung Fu!!Two great actors which highlights the film and the violence in China and America (even Europe).
4 May 08
Without doubt there will be a Rush Hour 4 as well as a 5,6,7,8,9,10 and so on. Basically the film makers will continue to make the same movie with a higher number attached to the title while ever there is a country in the world left for them to use as the location of the film. It may seem strange to base Rush Hour 27 in Jersey or Rush Hour 68 on the Isle of Man, but if there is still money to be made from it I am sure the film makers will do everything in their power to ensure it happens.
• United States
7 Oct 07
I hope there's a fourth too. You're right that when a movie keeps going after a while the new ones start to suck. But so far, all 3 rush hours have been really good. Maybe they'll keep it up! :)
• Malaysia
10 Sep 07
i hope to have rush hour 4 also.i watched all 3 rush hours movies.i like them.they are good partner.even though jackie chan is old but he is stil powerful and manage to do all the stunts by himself.
@r_yuen (333)
• Indonesia
9 Sep 07
Rush Hour 3 is a butt-kicking movie! I laugh till the end... Hahahaha... So much funnier than previous one. Especially Chris. Hahahaa... Yeah. I do hope there will be Rush Hour 4 before Jacky Chan is too old to shoot for the movie.
• Panama
7 Sep 07
personally i loved watching rush hour 1 and 2, hopefully rush hour 3 will be as good, but if they do make a fourth movie they better make it a few years later, because people are starting to get tired of sequels, and besides jackie chang it`s too old now, it`s hard for him to make the stunts he used to do. cheers