Does TV programs influence your child's behavior?

September 7, 2007 1:49am CST
i have no kids, but i play some kids for over 1 hours everyday. and i feel TV programms affect kids seriously. 1, then can remember the ads on TV, but they can't remeber some words. when i ask one of them why they can remeber the ads, then he says it is more interesting. sometimes the ads are too difficult to remember for an adult, but a kid can remeber them at once. so they hate studying those boring homeworks. 2, they pay more attention to be famous singers and movie stars. so they think they don't have to learn those classes if they can be singers and movies stars.
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@taskata10 (627)
• China
7 Sep 07
I have a kid. He likes watching TV programmes, especially a cartoon for kids. He prefers watching series of DVD cartoons at the weekends. As his father, I don't care much about what he likes watching now. Because he is a kid ang he doesn't get addicted. He needs to know something about the world now. But I ask him to sit far from the TV screen. Because I worry more about his eyes. I don't encourage him to watch TV. however, I think he can learn somthing from the programmes.