Anyone here who reads Terry Goodkind's Sword of Truth Series?

September 7, 2007 3:49am CST
I am an avid reader of Terry Goodkind's Sword of Truth Series (from the Wizard's First Rule until Phantom-- which I'm currently reading). I really like Mr. Goodkind's writing style. I think he has an amazing power of creation, and his characters can really get through to the readers. Tell me what you think :)
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@idreams (117)
• Australia
7 Feb 08
terry goodkind is the greatest. personally, i've only just finished naked empire. actually, i used to really, really, really, love the sword of truth series - the first four anyways, then it started going downhill. i didn't really like the one about the chimes a lot. i think the story just wasn't focused enough. i like the fact that every character has a little bit of the plot to carry out, but i frequently get frustrated when i really want to read about richard and the story starts going off about zedd, then khalan, then everyone else. on that note. i really really hated the pillars of creation. especially since it started with an unknown character - richard's sister... whatever her name was. after the pillars of creation, i decided not to read any more of the goodkind books. and i didn't... for four or five years, then one day i got really bored and started reading the naked empire. i thought i might as well. if it got too boring i'd either skim or just skip entire sections or just give up the book later. but the naked empire once again drew me back goodkind. that book was as good as the two before it was bad. unsure whether or not to keep reading - i cheated. i went ahead and read the plot synopsis on wikipedia and concluded that... I LOVE GOODKIND. now i'm doing everything i can to get my hands of the last three books. one of the things that i think draws me most aobut the sword of truth series is the wisdom hidden within. and i don't just mean the wizard's rules. zedd, khalan, richard and sometimes the supporting characters, frequently come up with very good advice about life that i think are very helpful.