Who is the best to partner up with Kobe??

@aspiritz (126)
September 7, 2007 6:16am CST
As u all know,Kobe needs someone to help him to shoulder off his burden in the team and bring back Laker's glory moments once again.. Current roster in the team definitely couldn't compete for the championship as there isn't anyone to backup Kobe.. I guess the best option is to bring in a center.Few years ago,with Shaq still in the team and in his prime time,Lakers are almost dominant in every match.Lamar Odom surely can't do what Shaq had done for the team.Although he can assist well and have high court vision but that surely didn't compensate for what he lacks. Some of the center that can fill the position: 1.Dwight Howard He had the ability to rebound and block shots.Abilities that the team and Kobe needs. 2.Amare Stoudemire He too can rebound and block shots as well.But at times,he can score big.But tis guy lacks a little bit defensive i think. 3.Tim Duncan An all-rounder!If he really teams up with Kobe in Lakers,wow! 4.Kevin Garnett A genius with the ability to assist as well.Would be a wonderful addition to the roster. With Kobe nw still in his prime age,something has to be done to help him.If not it would be just a waste not only for himself but also the team as well. Guys~do you have any better ideas bout tis.share it with everyone.. thx
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• Malaysia
7 Sep 07
i think kevin garnett can be the best partner of Kobe.he can assit well.i think it's good for Kobe and other player.since Kobe always can't get fully support by his teammates.i think this can help to bring the Lakers to the final this season.
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@lightningMD (5932)
• United States
7 Sep 07
It might be hard to find a big name center who wants to come to the Lakers. After all it is the Kobe show out there. He is not a great team player. He has great skills at what he does,but he doesnt share well with others.He wanted Shaq gone and he got hius wish. Where has that left him? On the outside looking in at the Playoffs. Hopefully he will mature into a team player someday.
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@Lydia1901 (16354)
• United States
7 Feb 09
Yeah, I can see Kevin Garnett doing a good job helping Kobe out. Maybe he'll come in handy someday and maybe transfers over to Kobe's team.