Homework.. Yay or Nay?

September 7, 2007 7:39am CST
Do you think schools should give out homework to students? Do you agree it helps with their studies or do you think it puts more strain on them to complete said homework for the due date set? I personally think schoolwork is enough for students, homework is always something students worry over. Studying should stay at school, extra study should be down to the student themselves. What so you think?
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• United States
8 Sep 07
I HATE HOMEWORK!!!!!!! It's so gross. Dx My book bag is like a huge boulder thanks to all the text books. And I have to stay up late in order to finish it all up. Bla! I remember I had to wake up till like about 3 A.M. Actually it was past that a few times. I don't see the point of homework. I can't study at times because of that. Grrr!!! And the next day I fail.
@kylina (178)
7 Sep 07
i would say NAY!!!! BOOOH TO HOMEWORK AND COURSEWORK... but you have to admit, it really does pay you back in tests. studying at home can really ingrain the lessons in your mind. look at me i hardly do french homework and i so i'm not good at it. i Hate the pressure as well... seriously if anyone enjoys it, there's something wrong with them.
7 Sep 07
oh my god! you are do damn right. thats exactly how things should be but the thing is some students enjoy the pressures of homework and getting them in on time but personally i hate it. i mean now that i'm starting my gcse's i should only have time for coursework and revising yet those bloody theachers insist on giving us homework on top of that. i mean i've got a damn life! let me live it! i have to have some time to breath. i mean i can't do school work 24/7 even though we all know thats what they would want us to do! plus i still have to do chores etc and here i thought it would be nice to go out and get a job! HA! like i'll have the bloody time for that! it's a joke! i mean if you won't let us wear non- uniform at least give us the free choice of homework! school work is enough sometimes they just don't understand the strain they are putting on us! i just feel so pissed when they give us extra homework when they know we've got lots to do already! it's so depressing. they are forcing us to have no social lives! sorry i know this is long but i just think you are so right about this!
@Pompon (1758)
• Poland
7 Sep 07
Man, I HATE to do homework but I have to say it pays you back when it comes to exams. Schoolwork is enough if you want to pass in middle school, maybe high school but don't everexpect to have good marks without them.