How do you get a really bad tangle out of curly hair?

United States
September 7, 2007 7:59am CST
My little girl has a really bad tangle underneath her hair. Perhaps something got stuck in the hair to make it mat so bad. And, now she won't let me try to get the tangle out. I've tried working on the tangle when she's asleep, but it's slow going. So, now I am at a loss as to what I should do next. She's got really curly hair, so it tangles easily. Regular shampoo and such just makes the problem worse. The tangle is about one inch wide by two inches high. And, it's getting worse by the day. Just leaving it alone has not helped any. Does anyone know how to get a really bad tangle out of curly hair? I'm afraid that I'm going to have to snip the entire clump of tangles out of her hair. It's that bad! Would appreciate some suggestions. Thanks!
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@KrisNY (7592)
• United States
26 Sep 07
Wow--- how did it get so bad?? How long has it been in there??? Try using the leave in conditioners—or taking conditioner and putting it in her hair when it’s wet- not rinsing and then comb through- She will have to sit still and deal with it- Yeah I know tell that to a young child. It’s either that or cut it out- If you let it go- it could end up getting a lot worse! My daughter has super curly hair also! ARGH!! We have tried to get it straightened twice- it’s just relaxed—1 more try in 3 weeks!
@gmakesmoney (2923)
• United States
8 Sep 07
I've had that problem with my own hair all my life! What I do is when I have a tangle I put some conditioner in my hair and let it sit for a few minutes and then brush it out starting from the bottom. What I do to avoid tangles is use a leave in conditioner, which they now have for kids as well. L'Oreal Kids is great and smells yummy and they have stuff for curly hair.
@3lilangels (4639)
• United States
7 Sep 07
well i know this might sound wierd but apply baby oil to the whole section of the hair and massage it in really good,then use a big wide tooth comb and comb the hair,after this is done wash the hair with shampoo to get the oil out,i have very curly hair and i had to do this dont have to cut it out.also if you want you can shampoo the hair/then use a conditioner and then do the baby oil too,either way it works well.pattie
@williamjisir (22904)
• China
7 Sep 07
My nephew has also curly hair. He doesn't seem to like it. Sometimes he just goes to the barber's shop to have his hair straightened. He feels good with his straightened hair.
• United States
7 Sep 07
Well I'm sorry to tell you but you might have to cut the tangle out, but if it is under her hair by her neck it will be ok because no one will be able to see it, and it can grow out without being noticed as much. I know from experience, because i had pretty curly hair when i was younger and my mom had to do that all of the time. Either that, or you might be able to go to a hair dresser and ask what they think you should do or if they know of any products can help.