Would you choose to be a housewife and leave your salaried job?

By Nic
@academic2 (7009)
September 7, 2007 8:27am CST
Recently i read an article about a graduate school teacher and a house wife who left her job to enjoy being a complete housewife. Was this the best choice? Would you advise anywoman to do that?
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@mkirby624 (1599)
• United States
13 Sep 07
Well, if you dislike teaching enough to go home and clean the house all day, PLEASE, get out of the teaching field. If she has children, then it is more understandable, but to leave a job that, for most people, is a calling, just to go home and make sure there is no dust on picture frames and your husbands clothes are ironed?? No thanks. I definitely wouldn't want someone who want to leave teaching to go home and clean their oven to teach my child. I would want someone with passion about teaching; someone who wouldn't leave for something as unimportant as a clean house.
@wonderful1 (2076)
• China
8 Sep 07
i don't want to be a housewife, but i like work at home. i quit my job, because i feel tired to get along with my colleagues, and i need a private free space. housewife, for me, means a woman who have to do some houseworks and take care of kids, and earn little money. i dont' think it is good for relationship between a wife and a husband. some good housewives divorce with their husbands because they pay much attention to their family, and lose themselves.
@yanjiaren (9050)
7 Sep 07
It all depends on your circumstances at the time. I am happy to be at home..I amkind of both, housewife but building a business on the internet and offline and it feels great that I can do my work anytime Ilike although I put the hours in to make it work lol. Yes I would say go ahead if that is what will make the person happy. It must never be forced on a woman though.
• United States
7 Sep 07
I would not advise anyone for or against it. If finances allow it and both partners agree with it, it's their choice. It works for some but not others. My mother has always been a housewife, though she did have an occasional job when I was a teenager. I have always been the opposite of my mother. I worked my entire life up until I got sick with Fibromyalgia and arthritis. But even now I still do what I can to bring in a few dollars when I can. I sing with my band a couple times a month and of course I have myLot. I make and sell jewelry once in a while, so I keep busy. So I guess now I'm a reluctant housewife.. LOL. I'd go back to work in a minute if I could.
@sunshine4 (8708)
• United States
7 Sep 07
I'm sure that everyone has different view on this. I would do it if my husband had the income that we needed to remain in the same lifestyle that we are living right now. I wouldn't mind being a housewife ~ clean up in the morning, go shopping, go out for lunch with friends, watch soaps, have dinner ready in the evening.
@tuffy999 (794)
• Philippines
7 Sep 07
it's a personal choice. all of us are entitled to choose what we want in life.. it's not all the time about money or fame, it's what makes us happy and fulfilled.
@tigerdragon (4297)
• Philippines
7 Sep 07
it is a choice , we all have our personal choices. It is not all about the money or ones career, it is all about the choices we make that would make us happy or fulfilled. MY advise? go ahead, if you feel like it.life is short might as well make it worthwhile.