who do u want to be on your next life?

September 7, 2007 8:48am CST
if given a chance to choose what you would like to be on your next life, who or what would you like to be? do you still want to be you? to be a boy or a girl may be?
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@lilaclady (28238)
• Australia
7 Sep 07
Oh I don't think I want to come back, that would mean I have to go through school again and I hated that so much just the very thought of ever doing that again makes me physically ill, I think I will just stay in heaven and look down on the world, maybe be a spirit guide and look after someone through their life... :)
• Philippines
8 Sep 07
hahahahaha!! nice one there!
@Bbilal (2000)
7 Sep 07
Loved - because I dont think I've gotten much of it this time around. I keep asking myself, why did I chose it to be this way this time around. What should I be learning?
• Philippines
7 Sep 07
awww.. sorry to hear that.. don't be too hard on yourself.. there is always somebody who loves you.. but i know how u feel.. i've been there.. well, just don't lose hope.. sooner or later the love u are longing for will be at your hand..