What's the most money you've ever wasted on a business opportunity?

United States
September 7, 2007 9:05am CST
Have you ever been scammed into putting a lot of money into a business opportunity that never paid you back? Did you end up becoming your own biggest customer and buying many sample products that you didn't need? About ten years ago, I invested about $400 (membership fee) into a wholesale buying club. They had all this great literature showing the products and seemingly endless ways to sell them. And, their other member testimonials pretty much sealed the deal. It seemed like the perfect part time money making opportunity. But, three years later, after having only made a handful of sales and buying endless samples, I had to give it up. The yearly fees kept rising and turned out that I was the only person buying from me! What a scam! So, by the time it was all over I'd invested over $1000 into samples and membership fees. And, barely got $200 back for all my effort. Well, live and learn. Now, I never invest more than a few dollars to get into any type of business online and most are free. I'm making more money this way than I did when I actually had to invest anything. Isn't that funny? What's the largest amount of money that you have ever invested into a business opportunity that never paid you back?
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• Hong Kong
8 Sep 07
From what I remember, I never invest any money in my business that's wasted. I invested a bit of Indian skin care items before and I made a bit of money (not much!). I invested on my website hosting fee, and I made it back. But I heard that my friends did invest some money on membership fees/ buying skin care in bulk (resell later) and they wasted the money. I must say that I have been really skeptical of those business. Now I joined a program, which is completely free. Well, I would give it a try. If it doesn't work, only my time is wasted *laughs* (which is valuable too! But I can't be too greedy!).
@molusk (857)
• Philippines
8 Sep 07
Thinking about it, I can say that my biggest investment in a business opportunity that to date has never paid back is my real estate purchase that I made several years ago. This investment that I made was triggered in part by the construction of a mall near the area I purchased. I was thinking of selling this property for a hefty return but to date, no takers are in sight. Interested?
@cmsk2005 (1770)
• United States
7 Sep 07
well, if you visit my blog you can see the slogan...i never spend money to make money online. It may be not right but i am not in a place to start a real big business here and all i want is to earn a few extra and all those free to join sites are enough for me, infact i don't get enough time to attempt them all everyday. I could earn more if i was able to attempt them atleast once a day. But I know to start a real own business we have to spend some money, if i do that i will do for my own not for any website saying me the way they made 1000$, I only spent $39 once for a offline business but after i found its fraud i requested the moey back and thank god i got back the money
@Pompon (1758)
• Poland
7 Sep 07
$1000 O.O it's two times more than my mother earn in a month O.O I would never invest so much money. i'm very cautious when it comes to pay someone so I've never been scammed and I hope I won't be...
@jesus777 (664)
• Bermuda
7 Sep 07
80 bucks is the most that i have invested but i got it back because i did not see any results i am glad i found my lots which is free adn you get paid over times many businesses out there today online want to scam you and take all your money especially the pyramid scams and other ones ive decided to kjeep my 2 cents and not give it too anyone lol!!!!!!