Think I found something that was stolen 15 years ago

@linoxy (285)
September 7, 2007 10:10am CST
Today's news in my country published a story about stolen World War II order for bravery 15 years ago which was awarded to a city. This kind of order was awared only to 8 cities. They never could track it. Because my granparents were fighters in WWII I said to myself let's give it a try. So I went to Google, and put in some keywords and then I clicked pictures, so I can search it and see if I have found the one. After several searches with different keywords, I found one site, the photo was just the same and I clicked. It was funny to see that they are selling this kind of historical piece just for around $90. I was thinking to myself, is it for real. So after 10 or so minutes thinking, I decided to call the city hall of this city in my country. I found their website and got the number for their Public Relation office. I got their public relation officer on phone and I guided her through the website, where I wound this order. And I was talking to her around 5 minutes and when she saw the order she could not believe it. She asked me for my phone nubmer so she can call me and get me know if this is the one that they are looking for. I'll wait for her reply, cause I'm surely curios is that the one. T'm also happy cause I made something good today. I just wanted to share this with my myLot friends.
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@mac1946 (1602)
• Calgary, Alberta
7 Sep 07
This is actually something that happens far to often,I was looking on e-bay a couple years ago,and seen a Victoria Cross medal up for bids,and it was listed at $35.00,from the pictures I checked my list and found this medal was suposed to be in a museumI contacted them and asked if theirs was missing,but I never recieved an answer. This medal,in England,is worth around two hundred thousand dollars. There are many artifacts,not just medals that went missing during the wars,that are now beginning to surface,it is a matter of knowing what to look for. you did a good service getting in contact with the original owners. thank you.
@linoxy (285)
• Cyprus
11 Sep 07
It's been several days and they haven't called me yet. There are few people who would even bother with this kind of stuff. Usually people do not report anythnig. I did the right thing and so did you. Thanks on your support.