'Habits die hard'

By Bala
@balasri (26553)
September 7, 2007 12:07pm CST
How far this is true concerning you?
2 responses
@wz2007 (128)
• China
8 Sep 07
I make it a rule my now very much comfort and ease of life, the life is mild. I am just a demand quiet, run its course, Did not pursue
@balasri (26553)
• India
8 Sep 07
You never stop amazing me with your usage of English.You have guts man.
• Malaysia
7 Sep 07
First impression I thought about the film of "die hard" and after reading your description than I know what it was all about!!! You ask me for how far habits die hard is true concerning to me? Yea..Yea...it is in my blood mannnnn!!! Once "touched" always finished. No matter what are the circumstances, will always find the salient solutions. Just like when we started learning how to ride a bicycle, don't you remember that in your life? Hagd to the left, Hagd to the right...left, right...right, left, at last...doom...doom..doom...into the ditch or drain or wall or tree...and of course got cuts, wounds and pain. But always REDO...and take habit die hard on it....finally successful. Same thing happening to me on myLot for my habits die hard..I started on July 29, 2007. No body was guiding me. After I look into "earning" section, only three(3) choices and no for others. myLot only provide me these categories; 1. participation,_[ambiguous] 2. photo uploading,-fixed relatively & 3. referrals.[fixed term of 25%] But myLot was very clever, you know why? They placed a simple clever words there, "Quality Discussion". I'm start thinking, what is the hell of "quality" does it mean to me. After I've placed my doubt about it as topic of discussion and posted. Waiting for responses that can give me the right answer....at last nobody...so I take my habits die hard on it. For every response...I always put my smart tricky words to all responses and it was this way........."I'm sorry my dear I have to answer up to this point only, because no point giving long answer as myLot only will only pay me 1 cent, better you put up another new discussion if you need more answer, I will entail your discussion and make response"....I push...push...push...these texts always on responding to the discussions......and I was started counting for every response......one day I met the answer through one nice "chap" whom at first blame me for my short and unfinished interesting answer to his discussion....he blamed me on his 'comment' to my respnse...and he started give me taught towards my solution finding....bla...bla...bla....bla....and because of my HABITS DIE HARD...I got the answer..I mean the exact, on the dot precision and the perfect answer. And again the connecting element of having HABITS DIE HARD to my learning how to play strategies on myLot, there are only four HABITS DIE HARD strategies; 1. LESS earnings LESS ratings point, 2. LESS earnings GREAT ratings point, 3. GREAT earnings LESS ratings point, & 4. GREAT earnings GREAT ratings point. That is why for every week I will turn to a new leaf for my HABITS DIE HARD.....that was why sometime response look serious, funny, moderate and stupid as well. That is all from me my dear friend BALASRI, I am fine and thank you. AS USUAL; Michael.