Can Kobe Bryant get the Scoring King this season for a 3 streak season?

September 7, 2007 12:22pm CST
Kobe is my fav NBA player.he's realy great.can see he play very well,it's good.but he can't get enough support from teammates since Shaq O'Neal leave Lakers.Who can help him?
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• United States
11 Sep 07
Kobe should get 3 points when he dunks and a point for every sec he stays in the air. to respond to ur question kobe has plenty of help did u see the game where they beat the suns this year in the playoffs? my man luke walton is god been sayin it for years lamar odom is good smush parker is good ronnie turiaf is good. andrew bynum will be the youngest player in the nba for all time and hes good. mauriece evans is the most under rated player in the nba. kobe will get another scoring title and claim his crown as the scoring king. kobe gonna break 81 this year just wait. the nbas in trouble when kobe has the ball in his hand and thats a fact GO LAKERS
• Malaysia
12 Sep 07
Ya.i watched that match also.They showed that they are a team.Good team work and team spirits.but that's really sad because they still can't make it through Suns for 2 seasons.I'm sure Kobe will be the best this year to get the Scoring king again.Wish him break 81 also and against Raptors.lolz...thanks for your respond. Have a nice day man! ^.^ let us cheers for Lakers..
@takigg (5)
• China
11 Sep 07
He is good!
• Malaysia
11 Sep 07
ya..he's realy realy good!thanks for your respond.. have a ncie day!
@linben (132)
13 Nov 07
Of course he can be the scoring king if he wants to be. However, team always comes first than personal achivement. His teammates must practice harder to support Kobe better. Wish Lakers a successful season and Kobe, my favorate star, MVP and world-champion.
@osuchin (95)
• Philippines
5 Oct 07
hope so.