@dragan80 (920)
September 8, 2007 1:42am CST
The storyline ain't much, but the action and effects will satisfy any action-junkie. May be a wee bit too long for some and not 100% faithful to the comics/cartoons, and you may find some secondary characters as not essential to the film. Still, it has plenty of big bangs and pretty explosions. (smiles). Special effects and visuals are brilliant. The cgi doesn't dilute the experience at all. It has intensive visuals and I found the movie to be epic in scale. And the transformers are cool. Very cool. (smiles). One of my favourite action movies by far, and I was never really a big fan of the genre since T2. And definitely a Michael Bay film that I wouldn't be ashamed to have in my dvd collection. (smiles).
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