United States
September 8, 2007 4:29am CST
How many people like scorpions? How about if they are in your house running wild? I found one in my bedroom earlier today and it freaked me out! At least I was a decent distance away so it wasn't anywhere near me. My hearing is really good, and when I heard a scraping sounds, which usually means a big roach (I hate those too!), I turned on the light and looked over to where the noise was. I saw a long tail and thought it might've been a silverfish. But it appeared again and I was surprised! So I got the bug spray and killed it with that. Surprisingly it works even better on scorpions that it does on bugs. I really hope I do not ever find another one in my room again. Is there a way to keep them out of the house? If so, could you give me some tips? The only things I let stay in my room without killing them is my jumping spiders (who also run free and can go anywhere they want to).
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@williamjisir (22903)
• China
8 Sep 07
I don't like scorpions at all. They are very dangerous to people. It is better to keep away from them without getting close to them for fear that you should get bitten.
@bbcszone (99)
• Romania
8 Sep 07
i don't know exactly how many people like scorpions but i think cand keep them out of the house ina muzeu.I don't know how tips scorpion exist.