when was the last time you flying a kite?

kite - fly a kite in the sky
@eve0922 (364)
September 8, 2007 5:05am CST
Did you remember? or you have forgotten it?the flying kite in your childhood...
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@aspiritz (126)
• Malaysia
8 Sep 07
lolz i hv 4gotten when was the last time but what im sure was that my kite-flying skills totally sucks.haha i can't even fly a kite without help from frens when i was a little kid..haha
@eve0922 (364)
• China
8 Sep 07
I seldom fly a kite ,but i like seeing it flying.
@Oneoneo (183)
• Bangladesh
8 Sep 07
Hey! Thanks for the topic! it made me nostalgic! yes, In my childhood I used to play kit flying a lot! I can still loughs to remember the wating time for afternoon so that I can go outside to fly my kite. I have flown different types of kites but my favourite was a little one (24"X24")made with paper and poly-ethiline. It was very light so it used to go very high in the sky. Sometimes it used to went so high that it took me 2 hours to re-coil the bobin/rope. It was really exciting. Like china, kit flying is very common and populer in bangladesh. Cutting other's kite rope with self one is a very populer game in bangladesh. we used to sharpen our rope with power glass. I live in a town now and here kite flying is nothing but a dream. Peopls living here are too busy with their money earning and they have hardly times to enjoy any type of mind relaxing game. Though I see some kites are flying in the sky from nearby slum area that makes me remember my old and colorful days. Thanks once again for the topic.