who among you here is mylot addict?

United States
September 8, 2007 11:20am CST
I just started mylot 2 days ago and i think ill spend more time using mylot. i think im mylot addict now!lol are you one too?raise your hand whos mylot addict here!!hhehe
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@flowerhorn (1011)
• Malaysia
22 May 08
Me! me! Csn't u see my hand.This is going to ruin my life if I continue get addicted here. I can't afford to be here all day long.Got work to do. Do u think they will let u do this in the office?
• Philippines
15 Mar 08
You bet I am.. Joined eight days ago and trying my best to reach my target for this month which is to have a star and use the myLot code. I do need to work very hard and spend more time here. I am making friends and establishing my networks as for the moment. Two days ago I slept 3am already, I didnt notice that I was spending too much already in the net. I am in a birthday party of a friend yet I am facing her laptop instead of partying to respond here in mylot. Thats how i am addicted with mylot now.
@scorpio16 (1707)
• India
24 Oct 07
I am just addict to it. Though earlier I had an opportunity to access mylot through my office also and it was damn easier to open this site anytime. But now administrator of my office has blocked this site and I am bound to look at it through my residense only and unfortunately I do not get much time to open Internet in my house. However, if I get even a little time, I first open mylot only. I love and like this forum due to very good members here.
• Saudi Arabia
1 Oct 07
Honestly, I am kind of emotinally attached to myLot for some reason.
• Philippines
24 Sep 07
Hey buddy, you really have to count me in there! As i am a MYLOT TOTALLY ADDICT! LOL I'm always aprticipating here in myLot regularly everyday, 3hours in the morning and 5hours in the evening as it's my routine everyday after doing some works in my office. I love to participate here coz i like the feeling of sharing information with other people, getting new informations regarding on my interest here and keeping in touch with my cool pals here. People here are awesome, and when you tend to communicate with them indeed, you'll be amazed as well. Have a nice day ahead my dear and happy posting and earning here in myLot. Godspeed, Kiko