If someone knocked on your door late at night, would you open it?

United States
September 9, 2007 4:42am CST
Tonight someone started knocking on the neighbors door really loud and it almost woke up our entire family. Luckily I was the only one up working on My Lot at the time, so it posed little more than an annoyance at the time. Mostly, I was worried that the annoying knocking sound next door would wake up my little kid at 3 AM and she wouldn't want to go back to sleep. I guess the person next door finally opened their door, because the knocking stopped after about five minutes. Personally, I would not have opened the door. First off, no one I know would dare come calling that late at night/early morning, so it would definitely have to be a stranger. And second, it's dangerous to open your door to strangers that late at night. When that happens to you, how do you handle it? Do you get annoyed and call the cops on the person making such a ruckus? Do you get scared that someone is about to break into your home?