U friend has 1000 dollars in his paypal account...Imagine this situation..

paypal - Paypal withdrawls to after death to legal heirs..
September 9, 2007 6:02am CST
Imagine this situation, Your friend has accumulated some 1000 dollars in his paypal account, and Your friend had DIED. (Sorry to come up with a thinking) Can his family/legal heir get the amount standing to your friend's account? If So how?
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@venshida (4837)
• United States
9 Sep 07
You know that's a good question, I don't know. I don't think when I signed up for Paypal I put any beneficiary info so I guess they wont. My family does not even know I have this account. I normally just transfer the funds to my regular checking account when it reaches a certain amount so it's usually a low amount in that account.