Have you ever been a retail manager? Did you like or dislike the job?

United States
September 9, 2007 9:56pm CST
I was thrown into being a manager with no training what so ever.The good point of it is I set the stores sales through the roof and got unbelievable bonuses from a store that had not seen bonuses in years. It was a convt store. My store was the cleanest in town and I strived to keep it that way. But after 2 years of busting my butt sometimes working in excess of 80+ hours a week I was fired for paperwork issues. Paperwork that I was supposed to keep on file that I had never even seen much less knew how to do. and when I brought up the fact that I was never trained on any of that it was an arguement that fell on deaf ears. I dont know what it would take for me to jump in such a position again. I would like to but this particular company burnt me bad. i had worked 18+ years with a highly reputable reputation and just could not believe I got fired for something that was not even in my control. I would have to be convinced that I would recieve the proper training before I would ever take such a position again. Because I would not want to go through that embarassment ever again. On the plus side they lost ALL my regular customers when they fired me so I got a little satisfaction from that! lol. I found a picture of me and my old supervisor from there and I thought about cutting her pic out of it. Then I thought NO i'll use it for dart practice when I need some stress relief. lol.
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