My brother in law : Part II

United States
September 9, 2007 11:58pm CST
Okay, they are going to the hospital to have the baby today. We did give him an old video camera that was bought 7 years ago. Come to find out that he lied and said he would be able to tape the birth, but now we find out he can't. So, all the fussing about giving him the camera was wasted time. Anyway, i still don't think he is going to do the right thing and marry this girl. On last Friday, he got upset with the doctor because they wanted to have the baby early and the doctor wouldn't allow them to because she wasn't due yet. Well he just up and left the girl at the doctor's office and went home. He called her mom to go and pick her up. Like i said, he is not going to do the right thing a man should do. Do you think my husband, which is his brother doing this, should keep giving in to him and giving him our sentimental stuff all the time?
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