In times of giving up,what would you say to yourself to keep you motivated?

September 10, 2007 4:37am CST
Me, i tell myself these lines " I thought you want to resolved this things on your own and now you are giving up. I thought you are a lady now, a lady is strong because she is now grown. Don't be a cry baby , you can't resolve anything by crying, it just consumed your time. You can do it, youive been here before". Do you know the reason why i keep this line, no one can help you first but yourself also. Your brain and heart must coincide to solve any problems.
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@Perry2007 (2229)
• Philippines
13 Oct 07
That's my lady, knowing your priorities and learning to motivate yourself is a sign that you are indeed growing up. Way to go kiddo... focus on the important task you need to do to achieve the higher goal you set yourself to achieve. You will attract all the necessary materials and events to fall on your lap. Keep your thoughts on your goals. You will get there before you know it. Live life to the fullest. You have the powerto be anything you can think of. Guide your thoughts to your dreams.
• China
26 Sep 07
Never give up is my lines ,but sometimes u really feel so bad that u can't move things on,coz the truth is always much complicated and tricky that u think before, so there must be a period of time u felt very frustrated and disspointed.In times of giving up ,i always review what i have done these times ,and think about the first time why i choose this not others, i will tell myself:"hey,Cathy,everythin is ur choose, u have to keep on doing and make things happen, u shouldn't do sth u will regret in some day, so baby ,cheer up and smile at everything, u r the best!" coz everything is based on my choose ,so i have to keep things on ,this is my way to motivate my self when i was down, hope sth u apperiate.
@phon4u (2217)
• Laos
21 Sep 07
Nothing loosing. I keep busy on the time with work and work. Without work I can't motivate my life. I can't sit still and think for any unreasonable. I am active more than passive.
• Philippines
20 Sep 07
I am the type of person who does not easily give up. Although I lose heart too sometimes but I could always get back to my feet because my dreams motivate me. My dreams are not for myself but for my kids. They are the reasons why I am always motivated. Thing are temporary so no matter how hard a situation is, it wont last. Problems come. Problems go.