Do you tell jokes and talk endlessly to fill the silence?

United States
September 10, 2007 8:22am CST
When you get into a tense situation where noone is talking do you find that you talk too much just to fill the silence? Have you ever said something during those moments that ended up being damaging to you? Whenever I am in a situation that is tense, I find myself talking endlessly for no reason. Maybe I am doing it to fill the silence or so that I don't feel so nervous. Either way, I end up revealing way too much about myself and my situation than I should. Like once I was in my nutritionist's office while I was pregnant, and he would barely speak to me. He just kept looking over my charts and making notes. And, after about five minutes of eerie silence, I started babbling away about stuff going on in my life, the pregnancy, friends, etc. He didn't really make too many comments, just sort of nodded his head. But, I am sure he was wishing I'd just shut up so he'd do his job. Does that ever happen to you?
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@carlaabt (3505)
• United States
10 Sep 07
Silence doesn't really bother me. It doesn't make me nervous at all. If I'm nervous for some reason, I usually address the reason. Like if I was at a Dr's office, and they were just looking at notes for a long time, I might ask them what the notes said, or what the results were of the test, but that would be about it.
@bluishrose (2291)
• Philippines
10 Sep 07
Yes when silence comes in someone has to live up the place, when inotice no one will take the initiative then i try to talk something up just not to make them feel bored or something.
• United States
10 Sep 07
I will do the same thing when I'm in a tense situation. Talk endlessly, I mean. I think part of it is to try and de-stress myself and the other is that I'm hoping I might hit on a topic that will get the other person to loosen up a bit. As for jokes, I can only remember one, lol.
• Netherlands Antilles
10 Sep 07
Yea it happens a lot of times. I get unconfortable very fast so i tend to say stuff like:"why isnt any1 talking?" Just so i dont feel unconfortable any more. I rationalize mostly so i dont end up saying things that i normaly wouldnt say. Or so i dont say thing that can come back to haunt me though.