Has your spouse's advice ever caused you to lose a job?

United States
September 10, 2007 9:57am CST
Years ago, my spouse would come home from work and tell me all about his day. And, while I enjoyed our conversations, I didn't enjoy hearing about all the drama at his job. At the time I was going through some stress of my own and it was hard being objective about the situation. So, after awhile he stopped talking to me about his job. And, that was just fine with me. Most times I can't really give him advice on how to do his job or how to handle annoying coworkers. He knows them better than me. And, I'd just be interfering into a situation that I have no knowledge about. And, what if my advice cause him to lose his job. That would be a horrible thought. So, most times I prefer not to get involved in his work. He feels the same way about my online work. In the past when I have asked his opinion about some site that I am working on, he will just shake his head and tell me that he knows nothing about web building. And, I guess that is true. So, do you discuss your job with your spouse? Do you ask their opinion on what you should do about problems at work? Do you find that their advice helps or just hinders the way you do your job? Has your spouse's advice about job matters ever caused you to lose a job or get in trouble because you handled a situation in the wrong way at work?
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@joyce959 (1562)
• Philippines
10 Sep 07
You are correct that we should prefer not to get involve with the jobs of our spouse, unless we really know something about it. Whenever my hubby and I discuss about our individual jobs, it is just talking or telling that we have this kind of problem at the workplace and how busy are we in our job. We dont ask each other's opinion on what to do in case there are problems because our jobs are completely different from each other. He doesn't know the specifics of my job and same time I don't know about his. So there is no instance that he lose his job because of my advice and vice versa. I am still connected with same company I work for more than 25 years now.
• Denmark
10 Sep 07