why ppl think you crazy

United States
September 10, 2007 10:13am CST
this is what i do not get way ppl think they can tell you what to do and when to do it you know when you are grown and ppl want to keep on your life becouse they do not have nothing to do i want to know why is that and you know when you on the computer and they put that spywere on your computer and now you toke it off becouse that is not for me i do not need noone to know ever move i make on the computer i am not a kid i do not have time for that and then they tell you when to get up and washup and things like that you know what iam thinking about doing is moving becouse they want to know ever thing i do on the net i do not think that is good not for me iam not a kid and telling me when to give off of the net who they think they are if you paying them to use it would you live them aonly and just do what you have to do i do not know what is going on with that i know they do not have a life looking at what i do i need to do that to you i can not have that go down like that it is not me ok so just tell me what you think about what i said think you
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• Philippines
15 Sep 07
Hi there, well somehow, we are the one who's making the people what impression of them to us. We are the one who's making them think what we are by our actions and how can we interact with them. If we're doing bad things, then they will think that we are a bad and rude. If we're doing good things, good deeds, then they would think that we are nice person and clever. All those impressions would come from from us and we should be responsible in our actions. Have a nice day ahead from Kiko and happy posting and earning here and Godspeed.
@indiandevil (2098)
• Rothesay, New Brunswick
10 Sep 07
First of all, I am a little confused? Who is it that is "spying" on you your Parents?? And how old are you exactly? Reason I ask is because well, some people who are i9n there late teens think they are grown up, and they actually are not as grown up as they may think they are. If you are still living in your parents house...(which I may be wrong) Then they may feel they do have a right to know. Not really sure that is the case. Then again there are also some adults who think they are grown up, and that is not the case. I know a girl in her 20's, she has a child, and is married. But us the "inlaws" have to keep on her about everything. She will not pick up after herself, or the child, she wont do much of anything around the house, exept sit and watch Treehouse TV, even when her child is napping. Her favorite Shows are things like Barney. Her husband asks her to do the dishes and she speaks to him with a maga attitude, and says things like: No I don't have to. you can't make me. And when he does something like, drink, go out with his friends, or tells her off, she replies with: You are not allowed to I said so, if you dont listen I will tell your mom! I mean this girl will even go and hide, so her husband can't find her when he wants her to help clean. So I guess what I am saying is for someone to determine, wether this behavior is right or not they really have to know how high of a maturity level you have. Please understand this is not a insult, it is just that some people could be 50 but be as mature as a 16 year old person...do you know what I mean.