The Movie Hero

@Ravenladyj (22937)
United States
September 10, 2007 2:16pm CST
Okay so I'm a huge Jeremy Sisto fan..I think he's a great actor and actually quite nice to look at LOL well I just finished this movie called "The Movie Hero" starring him and O.M.G!!! IT FABULOUS!! I absolutely ADORED this fantasy-ish movie and recommend it to those who are into fantasy-ish/chick flickie type movies (I'm usually not into chick flicks all that often but every once in a while I'll come across one and just love it LOL this is one of those times) from Netflix "In his feature film debut, director Brad T. Gottfred delivers a spoof of cinema cliches with a memorable protagonist named Blake Gardner (Jeremy Sisto), who believes his life is a movie. Playing to an audience only he perceives -- and determined to entertain them -- Blake recruits a comical black sidekick (Brian J. White), attempts to apprehend the bad guy (Peter Stormare) and begins romancing his court-appointed psychotherapist (Dina Meyer)." Has anyone seen it? Hell has anyone ever heard of it? LOL cause I know I'd not until very recently! If you HAVE seen it..did you enjoy it as much as I did??
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