Has Anybody Ever Heard Of Demonoid.com?

September 10, 2007 2:45pm CST
Well a lot of people are not lucky enough to register in that site including me. The registration is always closed and only opens for like two times a month.. The site is actually a torrent site where you can download the rarest movie,audio,document etc..whatever files in existence i guess, you will find it there. So if anybody here has an account there and is kind enough to give me an invitation to register then please give me the invitation code. Ive been trying to get in there for like a month now..Thanks.
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• Philippines
13 Sep 07
Hi there, I've just heard about that site just now and i don't have an account there apparently. Demonoid sounds like Demonyo which is in English is Devil. LOL But anyway, names doesn't have anything to do with such things, spare me. hehe Well goodluck for you search of joining that site. Bydway buddy, i've heard that you can download free movies in the site called movieforumz.com Check that out if you really love downloading movies. I am just contented with my limewire and so, i also prefer to buy dvd's of the movies that i like to watch and tend to watch a movie in theaters. Have a nice day ahead from Kiko and happy posting and earning here in Mylot. Godspeed.
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• Philippines
14 Sep 07
Thanks for responding.. Actually demonoid came from the name of its Yugoslavian owner named "demois", maybe not but that's what most people who are selfish enough not to give an invitation say. I also download at limewire but then the files that I need are all in demonoid..