The Game WAR

United States
September 10, 2007 7:22pm CST
I really don't know why people are still comparing the video game developers but this i know. Xbox has really taken gaming into a new level and playstation is trying to match it step by step but still loosing out in american market and haven't really shown a strong come back in the war. i wonder what the future holds for nintendo with their old school style video games which serves as reminder to many of us back in the 90s who played those games. Xbos has taking video game from the house to the world through the xbox live which many subscribers are now hooked on to and playing every single day. The questions is can playstation and ninitendo match this? I think the war is one sided and xbox seems to be winning..
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• India
25 Nov 07
thanx for d discussion, i am an avid video game liker