Who invented the Super Comptuer and in which country?

October 27, 2006 6:02am CST
Its a very powerful computer...........
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@shi_2000_21 (2681)
• India
22 Dec 06
Seymour R. Cray designed the supercomputer systems that were the workhorses of industry, academia, and government technical/scientific projects from the mid-1960's until now. The Pune-based Centre for Advanced Computing (C-DAC), pioneered the first Indian version of the supercomputer Param-8000. The new Param 10000 open-frame model, with a computing power of 100 giga flops, scaleable up to 1,000 gigaflops or 1 teraflop, capable of performing a 100 billion mathematical operations in the time one can count one, made India the third country in the world to have such a machine besides U.S. and Japan.
• India
21 Dec 06
i think india is invented super computer.
@moneymind (10521)
• Philippines
21 Dec 06
i believed it was seymour cray of the united states of america. greetings. : )
@ArsonCuff (3121)
• United States
27 Oct 06
Seymour Cray - America