Should i?

September 11, 2007 5:41am CST
I have been single for 20 years.Most of my friends, not only the fellows I know in university but also my high school friends, have their own love stories with them when I saw them. I try to put all my energy and time on my study,and that's also what my father want me to do.He holds the belief that students should consentrate on study and once he/she was engaged in a relationship, it means he/she was no longer a good kid any more.Oh,my traditional Chinese parents!Now there is a boy chasing me for a long time. My friends always urge me to agree to be his girlfriend.But if I say yes,I would feel guilty when I see my parents. What should I do?
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@dreamy1 (3815)
• United States
12 Sep 07
You have to live your own life you can't live for your parents. If you are an adult you need to decide for yourself. There is nothing wrong with having someone to share your life with. We are put on this earth to love so that's what you should do. Yes school is important but having a balanced and happy life is more important in my opinion.
• China
12 Sep 07
Thanks for your advice!Your're right that happiness is much more important and I got to learn to make my own decision now!
@busta1 (1029)
• United States
13 May 08
well u can have a relationship and still do ur studys...a lot of people do if u feel like u can handle both then do both
@gesell03 (173)
• Philippines
12 Sep 07
you only should have a boyfriend if you love him, if you are ready and if you have the time and the priority, if your friends think that having a boyfriend just because he chases you and that they all have one, then they dont know how to respect the word love, you parents as traditional as they are would only want the best for you, you know what if you dont even love the guy why be with him, it would only make you feel guilty and make things complicated, being single is not bad at all, if you know your responsibilities, what you need to search for is love, you dont need to give in to peer pressure or experiment with this guy, cause you see he is not a robo t whom you can toy around and so are you. what you need to look for is love, and when you dont feel it yet, you dont have to be such a push over, listen to your instincts, trust your parents, and concentrate on your studies, there is a lot of time for love, once you screw up and destroy the trust of you parents it would be very hard to win it back. and that is just one boy whom you dont even love, just a guy you are curious about,no need to waste your time.