What surprised you most about your kids?

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September 11, 2007 7:29am CST
Before your kids were born, did you imagine that they would be one way and then they turned out to be another? How did your expectations differ than reality? We're you pleasantly surprised? Or, shocked? Before I had a little girl, I imagined that the experience would be much different. Funny thing, I don't remember being so noisy when I was a little girl. Of course, I had two brothers as play-mates and they were the noisy ones. Or, so I thought! And, now that I have a little girl of my own, I am seeing that all girls are different. I imagined that she would sit quietly and play with her dolls or do some other stereotypical thing. Of course, I have never encouraged her to do anything stereotypical. And, maybe that is why she does not act any of the ways you think a girl would. But, then again. Maybe this is how all girls act when they are young. Perhaps she will grow in grace and beauty and knowledge as she advances to teen years and be the model of sophistication. I can only hope. She's a live wire! But, she has the sweetest, most compassionate heart. That was the biggest surprise of all. I didn't know one so young could feel so deeply.
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• Australia
12 Sep 07
Well my first 'suprise' was that the first child I was carrying was in fact a boy and not a girl as I had dreamt of for many years - I had to change the chosen name and all! The second came with how fast he could grow and change and also how he could be screaming and 'annoying' and then in one second smile and give me that special 'I love you' look and all was forgiven. I was amazed at how long he could stay awake for and for how long he could cry without being settled - see I had thought if you sing a pretty lullaby babies just fall fast asleep and stay that way allll night long - boy I was wrong! When my son was 2 he developed a love (hrmm or a compulsion?) for colour and he would have tempertantrums if I didn't have socks to match his undies! He always had to have nice clothes on and he was very proud of them. I didn't think boys were supposed to care about what they wore! He also didn't like to get dirty! I thought boys were supposed to like wallowing in mud like pigs! I would have to carry wipes with me everywhere I went so that he could be clean at all times! So I guess in a nutshell I have a much softer personalitied boy than I thought I would. My three girls are just what I thought they would be like, the two older girls are very feminine and love stockings, patent leather shoes and skirts. They love for me to put a little lippie on them and make their hair 'just like mummy's'. My littlest girl is the rough little child I thought I was going to get when my son was born! She loves to get dirty and uses her strength to get to where she wants to be, she is determined and strong willed! On a whole I think my kids suprised me by knowing me so well, they know how to push my buttons as well as how I need to be consoled if I am upset. They know when something is just not right in me even if I haven't said anything. They are more loving and caring and sharing and loyal than I could have even imagined (hrmm when they are not fighting over the same toy!). Oh and they are alot cuter than I could have dreamt about - it suprises me every day when I see a bit of my personality in them and then the next second my husbands!
@carlaabt (3506)
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12 Sep 07
One thing that really surprised me about my son, was how he would do one thing really early, and then do the next thing later than most kids. When he started rolling over as a tiny infant, I thought for sure he would be an early walker, since they are both physical milestones. He didn't take his first steps until he was 11 months old, though. And he didn't start walking all the time until he was 16 months old! I had started worrying that there might be something wrong with him by then. Another thing that surprises me about my son, is how much he understands about everything around him. He has play conversations on the phone, and he is always so polite, and he pauses as if he can hear someone asking a question, and then answers it. It's so cute. I didn't think he would be able to do that until he was older. One other thing that surprised was how hard it is to discipline him. Not because he doesn't listen or anything like that. But because he gets sad when I get onto him, and he gets a big eyed look and says "Mommy, Elliott wuvs you. I sorry I hut your feewings!"
@GardenGerty (96641)
• Marion, Kansas
12 Sep 07
What a wonderful tribute to your daughter. Children are often different, not the cute cuddly toys we played with, but real people, even at birth they have personalities. My boy was so very smart, and nice, and so was my girl. The biggest and best surprise was that they were loving and affectionate to each other, they were friends. There were many traits I wanted them to grow up with, but I am always pleased to note that they are kind, respectful and compassionate toward others. They are adults now, and there are grandchildren, and I like that a lot as well.