I'm having problems with adsonlyptc.com!

@OUT2WIN (669)
United States
September 11, 2007 10:20am CST
Anyone heard of this site? It's a pay to click site that displays there site like they pay out, but if or when you try to cash out, you start to notice things. Like they have a cancel button to cancel payment, and when your cashing out it says to see terms. I unfortunely, I didn't fully read the terms and the terms say plain as day that they do not pay out, they only convert money earned for advertising credits. I smell something fishy. Why else except to bait hopeful people who want to make some extra money for their family or selves, would you call every click on the site cash, and show your balance as cash, and offer cashout through paypal and egold? I found this fact out after I had already posted many ads for this site and the hook they have going is 2 cents to 25 cents per click, so as you can imangine, I got some referals. How many...well I now have 127 referals and I decided after this whole experience to use the income coming in from them to post adds for mylot, moola, clixsense, netwinner, and a few other of my favorite sites. I started making around $50 per day from these referals (Credits not cash) and converted it to credits as it came in. Hears the kicker...it has been 7 days now, 2 email's sent, and still no response why my balance just stoped going up. It even shows that my referals are currently active. My account is still active and I posted a ad to make sure. Also, they have a contest section and when I click on it, it says I'm currently in 2nd place for referals. Every time I've ever checked, I was always right behind someone. At one point, I even had been 2 referals down from 1st. place and the next day, I got close to 18 new referals and was then 8 places from first. Hummmmm sound fishy to anyone else? Has anyone heard of this or know of these type of sites? *adsonlyptc *getrichclickingads Also, If anyone on here signed up through mylot under myself, I do apolige. Whatever credits you have accumliated, just use them up and forget it ever existed.
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