what are the "noobs" doing to you now?

United States
September 11, 2007 11:40am CST
i saw a similar discussion on a different forum. what are noobs doing or saying to you that you think is outrageous or funny? laughter is sposed to be the best medicine, and funny things happen to me all the time, what happens to you, and what do you do about it, make me laugh. ill put a rank on which1 i think is best at that time. btw, heres what i think about clanchat.
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@jkl1909 (47)
• India
25 Sep 07
i once met a noob who was standing in varrok square and asking me to show him the way to varrok.
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• United States
1 Oct 07
i was acting like a noob to this level 80 once, just for fun. i walked up to him, and i was in a non member world. he was holding a abbysal whip, and i was in zammy. then, i said, "ill buy your sausages"... hes like "what the hell?" then i said, "ill buy the sausages your holding" he says "this is an abbysal whip" ... i said "ill buy them, please, i need food" he said "noob! its an abbysal whip"... i said "pretty please, 1k?" lol, he logged. the funny thing? i was only 10 levels below him, and he really belieed i didnt know what it was...
@slipboy6 (42)
• Greece
14 Sep 07
N00bs make me laugh too!!! once I was standing and selling Rune Scim for 30k and one noobs comes towards me,trades and gives me 304 coins! I wait a long time and then he says..."don't be afraid...I won't scam you! It's 30k in here and all you need to do is press accept and on second screen press accept another time without looking anywhere else!" I LMAO and ROFL that moment! 1st because 30k is simbolised like 30000! the "k" goes when you got more than 100000 and 2nd...this scam should be done with a very large ammount of money! so I took of my rune scimy of the trade window and quickly pressed ACCEPT...he did the same!!! what happened? (he said)...I replied..."A scammer got scammed!) lol! i also reported him and he got a ban! (he also tried to scam aother 13 persons!) yeah...noobs are fantastically funny!
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@uath13 (8207)
• United States
6 Nov 07
I get lots of them begging for free stuff like rune swords & such. I always tell them to go see my accountant the King Black Dragon. If they can talk him out of it then they can have it. There reactions can be amusing, Everything from "who? can I add him " , "where is he?" , " how am I supposed to convince him to give it to me?".
@Joopa20 (138)
• United States
6 Nov 07
There was this funny time I saw a few noobs dancing in varrock. Then all of a sudden they say "How we like own people, ha ha ha ha, Once we owned a level 126! Once we owned a level 120! Ha ha ha! We own!" I was hysterical! Everybody was doing the laugh emote. And lols. Everybody started booing them! Then all of a sudden we force them to go the wilderness. Then we brought out a level 120 and 126 into our party. We went to where the level 90 greater demons were. Then we all attacked the 50-100 noobs and then had over 70k from them. Then I ran away because everybody money. I had to run for my life! I went to level 20 and home teleported. And I was safe!