Do you think a coke a day is bad for you?

Coca Cola - Today's bottle of half drunken Coca Cola
September 11, 2007 6:00pm CST
I drink at least one bottle or can of coca cola each day, especially in the summer. I am not as bad in the winter time, but only because I am not as thirsty. Do you think this is bad for me? Denise
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@twinkleD (361)
29 Sep 07
is it full strength coke or diet coke? i only like diet but try not to drink too much too often as it has aspartame in it which is linked to altzheimers disease. it is nice though. yum yum.. especially with a nice pizza.
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1 Oct 07
Yes I am afraid I only like the ful strength I find ther diet kind not to my liking Denise
@harish14 (43)
• India
14 Sep 07
of course its bad for health...
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18 Sep 07
Yes I know the sugar is bad for your teeth but for what other reason do you say it is bad for your health? Denise
@jep983 (50)
11 Sep 07
I would try and cut back a little. All the sugar that is in Coca cola can be bad for your teeth. Too much sugar can lead to obesity and diabetes. You should try and find other drinks you like and drink the coke every couple of days instead of everyday.
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18 Sep 07
I agree I personally think I am addicted to something in Coca-Cola because when I don't have any for a while I really start to crave for it. Denise
• China
31 Jan 09
me too... i drink at least one bottle or can of coca cola each day... but i don't think is bad for me .hahaha~
• Malaysia
19 Feb 08
wow, one bottle or can of coca cola each day eh? Hmm to me it's bad because of the amount of sugar that they have in the drink. You should drink carbonated drinks sparingly hehe. drink more plain water or fruit juices instead ;)
@jbrooks (264)
• United States
16 Feb 08
i do not like coke. i heard that it takes rust of metal so since then i will not touch it. but if you like it then why not drink it.
@izathewzia (5141)
• Philippines
16 Feb 08
I dunno what is the effects of soda a day. But I don't actually drink soda on a daily basis. I am more of a coffee person.
• United States
15 Feb 08
Yeah its bad for you. You are pouring chemicals and sugar into your body. It rots your teeth and can add to your weight. I had a friend who drank Mountain Dew everyday and she was a bit overweight. She stopped drinking soda and lost a lot of weight to it and now she looks and feels great. I have another friend who drinks soda every day and complains about getting pimples all the time and not being able to lose weight. Hmm.. I wonder why!
@aries_0325 (3062)
• Philippines
22 Jan 08
Maybe, there are times that Coke or any softdrinks are bad to my health. But sometimes, I need to drink it when I feel some uncomfortable feeling and when I am thirst.
@irene_27 (545)
• Philippines
31 Oct 07
Nothing is bad when done in moderation. I think drinking a can of soda everyday isn't that bad at all. But of course it would be better if you substitute pure juices instead. And maybe even best if you opt to drink clean plain water.
@quanto50 (142)
• Sweden
19 Oct 07
I thnk that coke is the wonderful invention in the drink industry and of course though it contains very slight dozes of caffeine it is not that harmful.. it just makes you a bit addicted ..that is all