Science Or Religion? whats the truth?

@Aztecg (25)
September 11, 2007 7:41pm CST
What do you think is right? evolution or religion........c humanity 4m the begining has been curious about where it came 4m and has been looking for answers and one day a person comes up with the answer God whom you can't challange nor you can say its true (there is no evidence to prove its existance xept for book in which it say BELIEVE)..... well i have studied all the main religions in the world and i have come to one conclusion that is that God in every book talks about past or future, never talks about present, He says you will go to haven or hell but when is that AFTER one can come back and tell us if its real or not.........on the other hand in every religion eg. Islam, Christianity, says about peace but still all the major wars are because of religions, most ppl hate each other because of who they bel the other hand there is science which gives us Logical explainations about where we came from, how this world was made etc.........if God was real then y is it that Scientists were the 1st one to point out that the Earth is round not Flat.......a simple thing like this is not mentioned in any book!!?? Y?? what do u think? am i wrong? or Not!! how do u c this life and its purpose? How can Saitan (Devil) challange God how he let that happen!! according to religions is about good(GOD) and evil(Devil) then what is our purpose?? if this is true then that means its jees a war between Good and Bad?? why would God need us? jees to show devil that He is better......why he created Devil in the 1st place?? as its said God knws every thing didn't he knw that devil was gonna challange him???? ?????
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