Do you ever think about calling someone and then the phone rings and its them?

@Laurla98 (786)
United States
September 11, 2007 10:18pm CST
This happens with me & my mom all the time. Just the other day I looked at the clock and was wondering if my mom got off work yet and not even 1 minute later the phone rang and it was her. lol
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@mykmari_08 (2466)
• Philippines
6 Nov 07
I'm not exactly sure what it's called, but I guess the link between a mother and her children is more than being a parent to them. I even remember what one relative told me that whenever a daughter or son who's far away from her is ill; she will feel that something is going wrong even before she is notified. There really is a great bond between a mother and her children. Regarding this issue of intuition or telepathy, I have experienced this happening to me a few times already. Not only with friends whom I haven't seen for quite a long time, but also with my officemates. Sometimes I prefer not to think about some people because my intuition is quite strong. I'm afraid that they'll contact me afterwards and this might ruin or put my marriage in trouble, if you get what I mean.
@subha12 (18453)
• India
2 Nov 07
This has happened to me. But it has happened for only 1-23 times till now. I was thinking about person and was to call him/her when he/she called me.
• United States
12 Sep 07
that happens with me and my step mom sometimes we are dialing each other at the same time niether phone rings but we are conected kind of weird
@AmbiePam (49500)
• United States
12 Sep 07
Yes, that happens a lot. My mind will wonder to my mom, or even sometimes my grandma, and then the phone rings, and its them. It's even stranger when I'm thinking of someone who hardly ever calls, and then a few seconds later they do call out of the blue.