September 11, 2007 10:56pm CST
have you ever been in taiwan? well actually i really want to go there too so i can met shu qi ( my all time fave actress) and of course master cheng yen, the founder of tzu chi. waht bout you? and beside taiwan is a good place to live isn't it?
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@kath624 (47)
• Philippines
25 Sep 08
To go to taiwan is one of my biggest dream. I want to meet my favorite band S.H.E especially ella. I heard that the night markets in taiwan are great and I'm dying to go there. Plus, the climate is not that super cold unlike in other cold countries.
@XiaoLin (289)
• Italy
5 Jul 09
Hi. I know it has passed a lot of time since you wrote your answer, but i hope you'll pass by again. Have you gone to Taiwan in the end? I'm asking you because I would like to go as well, as soon as I can. I'm planning to go there next October or November (there's no way I can leave before). I'd like to study there, and attend a University master, if possible. I was actually wondering if I could find a part time job there. Maybe I will post a new topic about that. For now I'd like to know if you went there, and if you had the chance to meet your favourite band. all the best Linda
• China
26 Sep 07
I come from mainlan china ,because Of some questons we can't go to visit taiwan.If I have chance I will go there. I hope taiwan can come back to china. that's all.thank you.
@g3raldin3 (169)
• Philippines
13 Sep 07
I worked in Taiwan for 3 years. That was from 2002-2003. Taiwan is a nice place to live minus the earthquake. :p