my girl friend is dating her old flame

September 12, 2007 7:29am CST
recently i found my girl friend behaving curiously.and i checked the telephone number she had dialed.disappointedly she is dating her old flame.we are engaged and we love each heart is bleeding,i don't know what to do so has this ever happen to you? what did you do?
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@williamjisir (22903)
• China
14 Sep 07
Hello sailing. I think that it is better to ask her about that. Maybe it is not that bad. Even if the love relationship doesn't exist any longer, still they can be good friends and you can make friends with him as well. If you really don't wish to see her to stay in touch with her ex-boyfriend, just feel free to let how know how you feel and I think that she will understand it. There is no need for you to feel so bad. Cheer up, sailing.
• China
14 Sep 07
i asked her about that,and she explained everything to me .after a heart to heart talk, i realized i had mistaken her.thanks for your advice
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• China
15 Sep 07
You are welcome, friend. Long live understanding and only understanding helps us with a better relationship to enable us to live in happy mood as always. Thanks for your response.
• Philippines
27 Sep 07
great advice duds, good for sailing555 that you williamjisir's advice. and for me i will do the same.
• Malaysia
16 Sep 07
hi, sailing55555.. don too sad. if it happen to me then i will ask my girlfriend about that she is love me or his ?? just like also cant don what.. or may be i will go find that guy also..
• China
19 Sep 07
thank you for your response,i am sorry about not resonding to your comment timely.
• Philippines
28 Sep 07
Man, you gotta know if this girlfriend of yours love you wholly. Or maybe she still has a thing for her old flame. YOu have to make sure that she's not that into him anymore, or else you might end up more hurtful in the end. That hasn't happened to me, but i do really hope it won't happen because that could mean a break up for me. I understand you love her so much, but it's still better if you probe more about her feelings. Or maybe, she's doing that because you are lacking something, probably you haven't satisfied her emotional needs. It could be a wake up call for you. I hope everything would turn out to be good for the both of you! Good luck!!
• Philippines
26 Sep 07
That was really disappointing. Maybe you should settle this matter by talking heart to heart with your GF. This will free your mind from all sorts of doubt. At least you will understand what is really going on and what is the reason behind her deeds.