@jesus777 (664)
September 12, 2007 10:49am CST
Reference Abortion If it was up to me i would pass a law to ban sbortion from every place in the world because I feel that children our Gifts treasures from Heaven From God himself to us So I feel that if people don't want them they should give them up for adoption and not slaughter there kids murder there kids it does not matter how you got pregnant or what age you got pregnant i am not saying i condone teenage pregnancy but as we live within todays society it is an issue but I feel that kids do not ask to come here so who are we as a society to take there rights from them before they are even conceived how dare we I hope i reach someone with this message someone who may be planning abortion I beg you plead with you don't kill your baby you have a live person inside of you please dont do this to your unborn child you could be carrying a doctor and lawyer a nurse a teacher a pastor you dont know What God has in store for that child you are carrying so please dont take there lives away from them before time thank you all for listening and i hope to hear from you all soon Blessings Peace and Love in Jesus Name!!!!
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