suicide and cutting

@jesus777 (664)
September 12, 2007 11:49am CST
suicide and cutting what prevokes poeple to do this there is are deeper issues deepr things going on there life suicide and cutting is the after effects of a deep problem maybe you were molested as a child maybe you were told this that and the the other that caused you too feel that you wanted to die that cause you to feel that have you have no self worth at all well im here to tell you that suicide and cutting are not the ways out im here to tell that jesus love you and he has a plan and purpose for your life to all out there who are reading and you are going through depression right now and are thinking about doing these bad things dont do them god loves you and he has a paln yfor you and you matter to god you are sometime right now i lift up in rpayer all those out there who are feeling worthless and they are cutter s and they thinking of taking there lives i lift them up right now in jesus name satan i bind you in the name of jesus i take authority over you in jesus name right name i plead the blood over myself and over everyone out there lord i pray that you will lead people in these peopel paths that will tell that that jesus loves them and cares for there and there is better way and they dont have there lives too find some relief in you they dont have to cut themselves to find relier there is reilefe in jesus christ there is hope in jesus christ there is eternal life in jesus name just give you life to jesus let go and let god and god will work things god will turn things around for you he has a plan and a purpose for you and loves you and he wants to love on you and comfort you in jesus name lord i pray that you reach down in there heart and remove all the hurt and all the pain and convicts there hearts and help them to forgive those who have hurt them lord in jesus name i pray amen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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