my best friend falls in love in cyberspace...

September 12, 2007 11:56am CST
She just couldn't believe that once upon a time I fell in love with someone online...she told me that couldn't be possible for how could I invest feelings for such a stranger that I haven't even met in person...and so out of her curiosity..she tried the experience herself. indeed, the same thing happened to her...but the problem is my best friend is a married one....but she just could hardly let go of this man online...she's now crazy over the man in cyberspace.
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@g3raldin3 (169)
• Philippines
12 Sep 07
i fell in love with somebody i met in the cyberspace as well. that was before though. i felt in love 3 times. but it didn't work. it's hard to explain the feelings that you are too involved with a person you are constantly chatting in the internet. you can open up to that person and be yourself. we cannot blame your friend if she has fallen in love over the man he met in cyberspace. but just advice your friend to take it slow especially that she's already married. i have met somebody in the cyberspace as well and i felt in love with him. even up to now, i still have feelings for him. but since i have made a commitment to my real boyfriend and got engaged with him, i slowly let the cyber-bf out of my system. we still do chat sometimes, and text and he still calls me sometimes. but the cyber-bf will always be the soulmate. we can't be the two of us because we think we are too perfect for each other. we are still friends up to now, and he knew already about my engagement. we were both hurt of course, but that's life. as for me and him, we will always be "soulmates". good luck to your friend. she's already an adult and i know she can handle that problem easily. cheers!
• Philippines
15 Sep 07
yes, my friend is married and its a sad realization. i kept reminding here and hopefully she'll listen to my advice. i understand her feelings for this man in cyberspace. but sometimes we have to go back and face the real world... not the fantasy that we thought we could have if only we have all the chances. Sometimes we are tested by our faith..and maybe this is what is happening to my friend. she has no ground in the first place to divorce her husband. i know she's struggling now, because she said she had been fighting over her feeling and tried to stop communicating with this man in cyberspace and i hope she'll succeed for choosing the right thing.
@erhardtg (64)
• United States
12 Sep 07
REALLY??!! That's bad...she's married. It's ok to chat but not to get involve. No matter how we say that it's the 'internet' still there are feelings involved and the fact is "SHE IS MARRIED". Well I wish her the best and hopefully she'll realize what she's doing, you'll get burned if you play with FIRE.