Internet Marketing

United States
September 12, 2007 9:52pm CST
I know most people already know but here is basically how internet marketing works. For those working referral sites you will see that many things are similar but internet marketing can reward you financially way more than referral marketing. Internet marketing works when a business (called a merchant) offers an individual (affiliate) the opportunity to market their products or servives in return for compensation. There are three common ways an affiliate get paid. Pay Per Sale - Affiliate gets paid for sending a paying customer through to the merchant site. Commissions can be as high as 75% Pay Per Lead - Affiliate gets paid for providing a "lead" to the merchant so the merchant can follow up to complete a sale. Commissions can vary but can be as high as $80-$100 per lead. The method is commonly used by service related merchants. Loan companies, Insurance Companies. Pay Per Click - Affiliate gets paid for sending visitors to the merchant website regardless if a sale transaction occurs or not. This is the lowest commission but probably the easiest to achieve. Affiliates receive a tracking ID(url) the same as a referral ID for you PTC or survey site folks so the merchant can track an affiliates performance and record payments for the affiliate. You can do internet marketing directly for companies as many have affiliate programs right on their website or you can use a affiliate marketing network that makes thousands of programs available to affiliates. I personally prefer networks because I can work with many merchants and receive a single payment from the network although there are some merchants I deal with directly like Amazon & Ebay. There is a link in my profile for anyone interested in getting more information or career training on Internet Marketing as well as other ways to make money online and some of the common scams out there to avoid. There are many Internet Marketers that have been able to achieve a comfortable six figure income simply doing marketing online for other companies. It is the lowest start-up home based business you will find anywhere, it's completely legit and anyone can learn to be a skilled internet marketer.
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