So, What do i do after 32 and having had kids?

United States
September 13, 2007 12:21am CST
I am a mom of two girls, 3 & 9. I would like more children, but my husband doesn't want to hear of it. I also got my tubes tied after the second child. Anyway, i know i made a rational decision to have my tubes tied so now i want them reversed. I really feel like i am useless now that i can't have anymore children. I often wonder what i am going to do when my 3 year old starts school. My husband constantly works, and i am a stay at home mom, but what do you do when your babies are not really babies anymore. I have tried time and time again to cope with this issue, and i just break down and i can't deal with it. I really think that is why i would like to have more kids, so that i always have a little one to keep me company while my husband works. What do you do and how did you cope with a situation like this? I am really at a standstill with this one. Please help.
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