Enough about Janet Jackson's Wardrobe Malfunction!

@anniepa (27239)
United States
September 13, 2007 1:17am CST
After all this time I couldn't believe it when they were talking about Janet Jackson's bo*b again on the news the other day. Something about CBS going to court to appeal the fine they were given. The reporter said "Was it an accident or done on purpose as has been the accusation?" I say, WHO CARES? Really, if such a big deal hadn't been made most people probably wouldn't have even noticed it. I didn't watch the half-time show so I knew nothing about it until the next day but I talked to many people who had and some of them didn't know it had happened until later. My question is, does a split-second glimpse of a woman's breast do anyone, including a child, any kind of permanent damage? Is it better for small children to hear and see TV commercials for ED remedies and feminine hygiene products 24/7? Those are the things that always caused my daughter and my grandkids to ask alot of questions when they were very young. They always knew women had breasts so it really wasn't some kind of a traumatic experience if they happened to see a part of one for an instant. Isn't it time to just forget it? Annie
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@pismeof (855)
• United States
14 Sep 07
Annie,I have to agree with you.I watched that game and missed it! BOOHOO....hehe. You are write I'm sick of seeing feminine hygiene commercials on television at inappropriate hours.It makes kids ask to many questions. It also makes me glad I'm a man!