What items do you have on your computer desk?

September 13, 2007 1:54am CST
Staring around me, i have alot of junk on my computer desk. Our computer is actually in our kitchen, because we do not have an office room just yet. And this is the best place to keep it out of reach from our toddler. So there is alot of paper work, mail, and general junk and clutter around it. I clean it up at least once a week but it always seems to find its way back there. Anyway it got me thinking, do you have photo's of loved ones around your computer? Or maybe some cute soft toys? Or little post it notes or anything really? What is the most bizarre thing you have on your computer desk?? The strangest thing i have on our table, would have to be my partners thermos flask that he puts his hot coffee in of a mornings and takes to work, i think he may have forgotten it today! We've also got a box of cotton tips, and i just saw an onion 'chopper' machine that dices onions and you don't need to use a knife... Yes that must be the strangest thing on there. (It's up here because my toddler keeps getting it out of the cupboard and i don't want him to cut himself!)
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• United States
15 Sep 07
Well, my desk is kind of cluttered for such a small one. I have a surge protector, cell phone and charger, scrunchii, a newspaper section, and a few other odds and ends like books and what not. I need to try and come up with a better way to organize all of these cords and what not so I can have more room!
• China
14 Sep 07
I am a college student from China.I live in the dorm.On my computer desk,thers's lots of things,as I have only one desk.And I study on the desk,and eat on the desk. Beside a computer,there's a mirror.You know,I am a girl.beside that,there are many books and some cosmetics.Also there are some tapes of English book.
@viruzxp (63)
• Malaysia
13 Sep 07
Well, right now, I have 2 modems on my computer desk, my keyboard which im using it right now, my gaming mouse, speaker, my logitech headphone, my cpu, a case which i keep all my loose change, electric plugs, papers of important stuff which i put them on hold for a while and my rosary. quite messy right now and i don have time to clean for the moment. My computer is in my bedroom so most of the time, i would feel sleepy even before i have the chance to clean my desk. lol...